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The research presented in this campaign was conducted for a course titled “Public Relations Campaigns” at Auburn University located in Auburn, Alabama. For this course, we partnered with Ketchum Mindfire Challenge and chose 7-Eleven as our client for the semester-long final project. The project assignment was to develop a corporate social responsibility platform for 7-Eleven convenience stores. More specifically, we were asked to identify a problem statement and our organization’s mission, which would set a strategic focus for accomplishing a long-term outcome. 

Our group chose the topics of sustainability and carbon footprint reduction, to create a more eco-friendly community with each 7-Eleven franchise. The next step was to identify existing strategies and activities that were already in place at 7-Eleven corporate and determine whether those strategies, activities and communication tactics were working. We then conducted background, or secondary, research to determine if any studies regarding sustainability had been conducted by another organization. After completing background research, we conducted formalized research to identify stakeholders and key publics and analyze their perceptions of the sustainability issue. Lastly, we researched competitors in the convenience store industry to help address our goal of creating a more eco-friendly convenient store, with product and packaging adjustments. 

The image on the left is an example of what the Twitter page would look like for our campaign. All social media material shown in our campaign is fictional. To view our campaign website, click the button link below.

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